xonsh(1) Pythonish, BASHwards looking shell


Xonsh is a Python-ish shell language and command prompt. Unlike other shells, xonsh is based on Python, with additional syntax added that makes calling subprocess commands, manipulating the environment, and dealing with the file system easy. Xonsh supports all normal Python constructs and a subset of those available in bash.

usage: xonsh [-h] [-V] [-c COMMAND] [-i] [-l] [--config-path CONFIG_PATH]

[--no-rc] [--no-script-cache] [--cache-everything] [-D ITEM] [--shell-type {readline,prompt_toolkit,best,random}] [script-file] ...


positional arguments:

If present, execute the script in script-file and exit
Additional arguments to the script specified by script-file

optional arguments:

-h, --help
show help and exit
-V, --version
show version information and exit
Run a single command and exit
-i, --interactive
force running in interactive mode
-l, --login
run as a login shell
--config-path CONFIG_PATH
specify a custom static configuration file
Do not load the .xonshrc files
Do not cache scripts as they are run
Use a cache, even for interactive commands
define an environment variable, in the form of -DNAME=,VAL/. May be used many times.
--shell-type {readline,prompt_toolkit,best,random}
What kind of shell should be used. Possible options: readline, prompt_toolkit, random. Warning! If set this overrides $SHELL_TYPE variable.


The run control file is written in xonsh script and executed once at start-up.
System-wide run control file
Per-user run control file

In addition to the run control file, a JSON formatted static file can be used to set runtime parameters and environment variables before the xonshrc files are executed.

Per-user static config file