xosd(3) X on-screen display library


#include <xosd.h>

xosd* xosd_create(int number_lines);

int xosd_uninit (xosd* osd);

int xosd_display (xosd* osd, int line,
xosd_command command, ...);

int xosd_is_onscreen(xosd* osd);

int xosd_wait_until_no_display(xosd* osd);

int xosd_hide (xosd* osd);

int xosd_show (xosd* osd);

int xosd_set_pos (xosd* osd, xosd_pos pos);

int xosd_set_vertical_offset (xosd* osd, int offset);

int xosd_set_horizontal_offset (xosd* osd, int offset);

int xosd_set_align (xosd* osd, xosd_align align)

int xosd_set_shadow_offset (xosd* osd, int shadow_offset);

int xosd_set_timeout (xosd* osd, int timeout);

int xosd_set_font (xosd* osd, char* font);

int xosd_set_colour (xosd* osd, char* colour);

int xosd_get_colour (xosd* osd,
int* red, int* green, int* blue);

int xosd_scroll (xosd* osd, int lines);

int xosd_get_number_lines ( xosd* osd);


xosd is a library for displaying an on-screen display (like the one on many TVs) on your X display. Each function should have it's own manpage.

The latest version can be found on http://www.ignavus.net/software.html

It is distributed under the GNU General Public License.


No known bugs at the moment. There are probably functions that aren't listed here.

Bug reports can be sent to [email protected]


#include <xosd.h>
int main (int argc, char *argv[])
        xosd *osd;
        osd = xosd_create (1);
        xosd_set_font(osd, "fixed");
        xosd_set_colour(osd, "LawnGreen");
        xosd_set_timeout(osd, 3);
        xosd_set_shadow_offset(osd, 1);
        xosd_display (osd, 0, XOSD_string, "Example XOSD output");
        xosd_uninit (osd);
        return EXIT_SUCCESS;


Martijn van de Streek <[email protected]>, Some patching by Malcolm Valentine <[email protected]> and Tim Wright <[email protected]>.

xosd was written by Andre Renaud <[email protected]> and is maintained by Tim Wright <[email protected]>.