Xpaoom(7) What happens when XPA runs out of memory?


When XPA can't allocate memory, it exits. You can arrange to have it call longjmp() instead.


When an XPA server or client cannot allocate memory, it will attempt to output an error message and then exit. If this is not satisfactory (e.g., perhaps your program is interactive and can recover from OOM errors), you can tell XPA to call longjmp() to go to a recovery branch. To pass the requisite jmp_buf variable to XPA, make the following call:

  XPASaveJmp(void *env);

The value of env is the address of a jmp_buf variable that was previously passed to setjmp(). For example:

  jmp_buf env;
  if( setjmp(jmp_buf) != 0 ){
    /* out of memory -- take corrective action, if possible */
  } else {
    /* save env for XPA */
    XPASaveJmp((void *)&jmp_buf);
  // enter main loop ...