XpSetLocaleHinter(3) Sets a locale hinter function and description of it.


      cc [ flag... ] file... -lXp [ library... ]

      #include <X11/extensions/Print.h>

void XpSetLocaleHinter ( hinter_proc hinter_desc )

      XPHinterProc hinter_proc;

      char *hinter_desc;


A pointer to a "hinter proc".
A pointer to contextual information about the locale hinter proc.


Since (to date) there is no single industry standard for locale values, locale information about the current client required by XpCreateContext, XpGetPrinterList and XpGetPdmStartParams is at best considered a "hint" when transmitted to the X Print Server and PDM. In single vendor environments, the locale hint should be consistent and understood. In multi-vendor environments however, the locale hint may or may not be understood. The caller locale will be used as the fallback default.

XpSetLocaleHinter and XpGetLocaleHinter access hooks that are used to register more advanced hint generators. By default, Xp uses a hinter proc that calls setlocale on the CTYPE category on POSIX systems, and hinter_desc is NULL.

XpSetLocaleHinter sets the hinter_proc and hinter_desc which will be subsequently used by the Xp calls requiring a locale hint (see above). hinter_proc is the function that will generate the locale hint (for example, "C"), and hinter_desc is a string, with or without the embeddable keyword %locale%, that provides a higher level context for the results of hinter_proc.

If hinter_proc is set to NULL, then the default Xp hinter proc is installed. XpSetLocaleHinter makes its own private copy of hinter_desc prior to returning.

An example set call might look as follows:

    XpSetLocaleHinter( my_hinter, "%locale%;CDElocale" );

Where my_hinter might look as follows:

   char *my_hinter()
        * Use setlocale() to retrieve the current locale.
       return( my_x_strdup( setlocale(LC_CTYPE, (char *) NULL) ) );

When the client's locale is needed, if both hinter_desc and the results of hinter_proc are non-NULL, and the keyword %locale% is found in hinter_desc, then the keyword will be replaced with the result of hinter_proc. The resulting string will be used as the locale hint by the Xp calls.

If both hinter_desc and the results of hinter_proc are non-NULL, but the keyword %locale% is not found in hinter_desc, then hinter_desc, as is, becomes the string used as the locale hint by the Xp calls.

If one of hinter_desc or the results of hinter_proc is NULL, then the other non-NULL value becomes the string used as the locale hint by the Xp calls.

If hinter_desc and the results of hinter_proc are NULL, then a NULL (i.e. (char *) NULL) locale hint is sent by the Xp calls.

The syntax for hinter_desc is a variation of the unadopted X/Open standard for a "String Network Locale-Specification Syntax" (X/Open, Distributed Internationalization Services, Version 2, 1994 Snapshot). The Xp hinter_desc syntax is:


In Xp, the first item is the locale name, followed by progressively more detailed information about the locale name, with each piece of information separated by a `;'.


The signature for hinter_proc is defined in <X11/extensions/Print.h> as follows:

    typedef char * (*XPHinterProc)();
hinter_proc is expected to return a string that can be freed using XFree by the Xp calls themselves.

Some examples include ( hinter_desc to left, expanded results to the right):

    CFRENCH                                CFRENCH
    %locale%                               C
    %locale%;CDElocale                     C;CDElocale
    %locale%;HP                            C;HP
    %locale%;IBM                           C;IBM
    %locale%;XOPEN;01_11;XFN-001001        de_DE;XOPEN;01_11;XFN-001001