Xspice(1) X server and SPICE server


usage: Xspice [Xspice and Xorg options intermixed]

X and Spice server. example usage: Xspice --port 5900 --disable-ticketing :1.0

optional arguments:

-h, --help
show this help message and exit
--xorg XORG
Automatically create a temporary xorg.conf and start the X server
--xsession XSESSION
If given, will run after Xorg launch. Should be a program like x-session-manager
--config CONFIG
--port PORT
standard spice port
Exit the X server when any client disconnects
--deferred-fps DEFERRED_FPS
If given, render to a buffer and send updates only this many times per second
--tls-port TLS_PORT
spice tls port
do not require a client password
enable sasl
--x509-dir X509_DIR
x509 directory for tls
--cacert-file CACERT_FILE
ca certificate file for tls
--x509-cert-file X509_CERT_FILE
server certificate file for tls
--x509-key-file X509_KEY_FILE
server key file for tls
--x509-key-password X509_KEY_PASSWORD
key file password for tls
--tls-ciphers TLS_CIPHERS
--dh-file DH_FILE
--password PASSWORD
set password required to connect to server
--image-compression {off,auto_glz,auto_lz,quic,glz,lz}
auto_glz by default
--jpeg-wan-compression {auto,never,always}
auto by default
--zlib-glz-wan-compression {auto,never,always}
auto by default
--streaming-video {off,all,filter}
filter by default
launch vdagent & vdagentd. They provide clipboard & resolution automation
--vdagent-virtio-path VDAGENT_VIRTIO_PATH
virtio socket path used by vdagentd
--vdagent-uinput-path VDAGENT_UINPUT_PATH
uinput socket path used by vdagent
--vdagentd-exec VDAGENTD_EXEC
path to spice-vdagentd (used with --vdagent)
--vdagent-exec VDAGENT_EXEC
path to spice-vdagent (used with --vdagent)
do not launch vdagent & vdagentd, used for debugging or if some external script wants to take care of that
--vdagent-uid VDAGENT_UID
set vdagent user id. changing it makes sense only in conjunction with --vdagent-no-launch
--vdagent-gid VDAGENT_GID
set vdagent group id. changing it makes sense only in conjunction with --vdagent-no-launch
--audio-fifo-dir AUDIO_FIFO_DIR
set fifo directory for playback audio. designed to work with PulseAudio's module-pipe-sink

Any options not parsed by Xspice get passed to Xorg as is.