xsysinfo(1) Display Linux kernel parameters in graphical form


xsysinfo [-help] [-update n] [-[no]title] [-[no]labels] [-[no]loadavg] [-[no]load] [-[no]mem] [-[no]swap] [-[no]smp]


Xsysinfo is an X application to display some Linux kernel parameters in graphical form. It is like a mix of top, free and xload with the difference that the values are shown in form of a horizontal bar. The displayed values are: CPU load average, CPU load, memory and swap sizes (details see below).


-update n
Set update rate to n milli-seconds
Show title string
Don't show title string
Show gauge labels
Don't show gauge labels
Show CPU load average value
Don't show CPU load average value
Show CPU load value
Don't show CPU load value
Show separate SMP loads
Don't show separate SMP loads.
Show memory info
Don't show memory info
Show swap info
Don't show swap info
Display options


Xsysinfo display the following values:
CPU load average
CPU load average between 0.000-8.000. The gauge's bar is subdivided into segments, where one segment represents a load value of 1.0. The bar's full length is automatically scaled, depending on the displayed value.
CPU load
percentage CPU load time to CPU idle time subdivided in three segments: user load, system load and nice load. On an SMP system the -smp option replaces the single total load meter with a separate meter for each processor.
The memory gauge's bar is subdivided into two segments with the amount of physical memory, which is used by processes on the left and physical memory used for the page and buffer cache on the right. The length of the whole bar, which is the sum of these two values, shows the amount of physical memory currently used by the system.
The percentage of swap space used by the system to total amount of swap space.


Xsyinfo is written by Gabor Herr <[email protected]> and currently maintained by Ronald Wahl <[email protected]>.

This manual page was created by Roland Rosenfeld <[email protected]> for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).