xtalk(1) X Window System BSD compatible talk client, written in Python.


xtalk [user[@address[ tty]]


When started, xtalk won't actually try to connect until you click on the "Connect" button in the program. xtalk accepts addresses in the same format as the regular BSD talk program. From in the program you can enter the address in the "Address" entry. At any point during a talk session, clicking on "Disconnect" disconnects the session.

The format of a talk address is as follows. To talk to a user on the same host, just use "username" as the address. To talk to a user on another host, use "username@hostname" as the address. If the user is logged in several times, you can specify which tty to "page" them on by saying "username tty" or "username@hostname tty".


Adam P. Jenkins ([email protected])


From user point of view, it seems that his own text in the window is editable, whereas in fact it is not.