xupdate(1) Process XUpdate commands over an XML document


xupdate [options] <xupdate-file> <input-file>

-u | --usage print brief help on usage
-h | --help print documentation
-n | --namespace prefix=namespace-uri
associate a namespace with a prefix for use
in XPath selections in XUpdate file
(this option may occur several times)
-k | --keep-ws preserve whitespace in the XUpdate file
-s | --strip-ws strip ignorable whitespace from the input file
-V | --version print current version and revision
-i | --indent indent the output XML
-j | --extra-indent like -i, but also adds a leading and a trailing
linebreak to every text node.
but also put an extra newline after
every start-tag and before every end-tag


Print a brief help message on usage and exits.
Prints the manual page and exits.
--namespace prefix=namespace-uri
Associate a namespace with a prefix. The prefix may be used in the XPath selections in the XUpdate file to address nodes of the source document that belong to the given namespace. This is especially useful for mapping the default namespace to a prefix because XPath by definition doesn't honour default namespaces. This option may occur several times.
Preserves any whitespace in XUpdate file. The default behaviour is to remove all ignorable whitespace and any leading or trailing whitespace in all XUpdate command elements in the XUpdate file.
Remove ``ignorable'' whitespace from the input file. The default behaviour is to keep any whitespace unless the --extra-indent (-j) option is used. Note that the whitespace being present or not may affect results returned by some XPath expressions (such as /foo/bar/text()[2]).
Print version and revision number of This program command and version number of XML::XUpdate library used.
Indent the resulting document on output.
Indent the resulting document on output as --indent, but also add a leading and a trailing linebreak to every text node.
Print some debugging information about commands being applied.


This program will parse the given XUpdate file and the input file and print the input file updated accordingly. XUpdate file format is described in XUpdate Working Draft from 2000-09-14 (http://www.xmldb.org/xupdate/xupdate-wd.html).


Petr Pajas, [email protected]


Copyright 2002-2003 Petr Pajas, All rights reserved.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.