xymond_distribute(8) xymond worker module for distributing commands


xymond_channel --channel=enadis xymond_distribute [options]


xymond_distribute is a worker module for xymond, and as such it is normally run via the xymond_channel(8) program. It is used if you have multiple Xymon servers running in a master/slave configuration. xymond_distribute runs on the master server and receives "drop", "rename", "enable" and "disable" messages from xymond. xymond_distribute then forwards these to the other Xymon servers as standard xymon messages. So if a user on the master Xymon server disables a red status, xymond_distribute will forward this to the other Xymon servers so that the change happens everywhere.

NOTE: xymond_distribute does not check to see if a message has already been forwarded, so you can easily create forwarding loops.


The peer that messages are forwarded to. If you have multiple peers, repeat this option.

Enable debugging output.