ykval-synchronize(1) Request synchronization from servers in a




Sends a request to a remote server in the sync pool to synchronize YubiKey counters with the sender. Can be used to synchronize a specific key, or all keys.

The remote server must be configured to allow resync requests from the machine the command is run from, and the machine running the command must be configured to accept sync requests from the remote server. The synchronization is queued remotely and handled by the ykval-queue daemon.


Request sync for a specific YubiKey:

    $ ykval-synchronize ccccccdndndn

If the URL follows the default format (as in the example above) you can skip the protocol and just give the hostname directly, or as an IP address. Request sync for all (active) YubiKeys from server using the default path:

    $ ykval-synchronize example.com all


Report ykval-synchronize bugs in the issue tracker <URL: https://github.com/Yubico/yubikey-val/issues >