YOpenConnection(3) connect to Y server


#include <Y2/Y.h>
#include <Y2/Ylib.h>

YConnection *YOpenConnection(

        const char *start_arg,

        const char *con_arg


Specifies the null terminated command to be executed to start the Y server. This command is only used if the Y server does not appear to be currently running. If you do not want the Y server to be started if it is not running, then just pass NULL.
Specifies the connect argument to connect to the Y server. The format is a null terminated string of the format "<address>:<port>" where <address> specifies the address of the Y server and <port> specifies the port number it is polling for incoming connections on. An example connect argument would be "" which would connect to localhost on port 9433 (standard port number).


The YOpenConnection opens a new connection to the Y server.


The YOpenConnection returns a YConnection pointer that serves as the connection to the Y server and that contains all the information about that Y server. It can also return NULL if it failed to start the Y server (as needed or requested) and/or connect to it.


#include <stdio.h>
#include <Y2/Y.h>
#include <Y2/Ylib.h>

int main(int argc, char *argv[])

        YConnection *con = YOpenConnection(




        if(con == NULL)


        YCloseConnection(con, False);