yuvkineco(1) revert 2-3 pulldown movie


yuvkineco [options] [-C PATH]
yuvkineco [options] -O|N PATH


yuvkineco reverts to original non-interlaced frames, from NTSC video which was film sourced and 2-3 pulled down. Input fps code must be 4(29.97fps), output fps code can be selected from 1(23.97fps) to 4(29.97fps). If 2, 3 or 4 selected, duplicated frames remain but they are reverted to non-interlaced. If input was non-interlaced only remove duplicate frames. Interlaced frame detection may fail in conditions like:
    Pull down cycle changed (video editing).
    Low quality pull down.
    Motionless scene.
If -C PATH was specified, yuvkineco outputs 2-3 pull down cycle list to the file. You can edit this file by hand and feed it to yuvkineco with -O or -N option to correct mistake of 1st yuvkineco. Try -C and see cycle list.
  EXAMPLE #1: for 24p movie / automatically
    lav2yuv 60i.eli | \
        yuvkineco -F 1 | yuv2lav -f a -I 0 -o 24p.avi

  EXAMPLE #2: for 30p/24p mix / automatically
    lav2yuv 60i.eli | \
        yuvkineco -F 4 | yuv2lav -f a -I 0 -o 30p.avi

  EXAMPLE #3: for 24p movie / check and repair
    lav2yuv 60i.eli | \
        yuvkineco -F 1 -C 60i.23c | \
        yuv2lav -f a -I 1 -o take1.avi
    glav -F +n take1.avi
  # check and edit 60i.23c
    lav2yuv take1.avi | \
        yuvkineco -F 1 -N 60i.23c | \
        yuv2lav -f a -I 0 -o take2.avi

  EXAMPLE #4: for 24p movie / check and retry
    lav2yuv 60i.eli | \
        yuvkineco -F 1 -C 60i.23c | \
        yuv2lav -f a -I 0 -o take1.avi
    glav -F +n take1.avi
  # check and edit 60i.23c
    lav2yuv 60i.eli | \
        yuvkineco -F 1 -O 60i.23c | \
        yuv2lav -f a -I 0 -o take2.avi


yuvkineco accepts the following options:
Set output fps code (default: same as input).
Specify 2-3 pull down cycle list file name to write.
Specify cycle list name to read with old yuv stream to retry.
Specify cycle list name to read with new yuv stream to repair.
Use yuvycsnoise(1) as preprocessor and specify minimum threshold.
Specify noise level of input (default: 10). This affects both pulldown cycle detection and deinterlacing.
Specify threshold to decide pictures in 2 frames are same (default: 4). yuvkineco compares several frames, searches pair of frame they contain same pictures, to decide which frame should be dropped. If THRESHOLD is 0, pair which has smallest difference will be selected. If 16, selected from pairs those have differences smaller than average.
yuvkineco deinterlaces each frame after 2-3 pulldown reverting process, specify how much pixels deinterlaced to decide to use or not use deinterlacing result (default: 10). If PERMIL is 10 and 1% or more of pixels deinterlaced, deinterlacing result will be used. If 0, always deinterlacing result will be used. If 1000, deinterlacing result will not be used, but deinterlacing process will run on all of frames. To disable deinterlacing process, specify negative value.
Set interlace information in header of output to unknown (default: non-interlaced).


yuvkineco was written by Kawamata/Hitoshi.
If you have questions, remarks, problems or you just want to contact the developers, the main mailing list for the MJPEG-tools is:
  [email protected]

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