yyfix(1) extract tables from y.tab.c


file [tables ]


Programs have historically used a script (often named ``:yyfix'' to extract tables from the yacc(1) generated file y.tab.c As the names of the tables generated by the current version of yacc(1) are different from those of historical versions of yacc(1), the shell script is provided to simplify the transition.

The first (and required) argument to is the name of the file where the extracted tables should be stored.

If further command line arguments are specified, they are taken as the list of tables to be extracted. Otherwise, attempts to determine if the y.tab.c file is from an old or new yacc(1), and extracts the appropriate tables.

The tables ``yyexca'' ``yyact'' ``yypact'' ``yypgo'' ``yyr1'' ``yyr2'' ``yychk'' and ``yydef'' are extracted from historical versions of yacc(1).

The tables ``yylhs'' ``yylen'' ``yydefred'' ``yydgoto'' ``yysindex'' ``yyrindex'' ``yygindex'' ``yytable'' ``yyname'' ``yyrule'' and ``yycheck'' are extracted from the current version of yacc(1).


File from which tables are extracted.


The command first appeared in BSD 4.4