zipios::EndOfCentralDirectory(3) The end of the Central directory structure.


#include <ziphead.h>

Public Member Functions

EndOfCentralDirectory (const string &_zip_comment='', uint16 _disk_num=0, uint16 _cdir_disk_num=0, uint16 _cdir_entries=0, uint16 _cdir_tot_entries=0, uint32 _cdir_size=0, uint32 _cdir_offset=0)

uint32 offset () const

uint16 totalCount () const

void setCDirSize (uint32 size)

void setOffset (uint32 offset)

void setTotalCount (uint16 c)

int eocdOffSetFromEnd () const

bool read (vector< unsigned char > &buf, int pos)


ostream & operator<< (ostream &os, const EndOfCentralDirectory &eocd)

Detailed Description

The end of the Central directory structure.

This structure is stored in the end of the zipfile, and contains information about the zipfile, including the position of the start of the central directory.

Definition at line 159 of file ziphead.h.


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