ZoneMinder Video Creation Script

SYNOPSIS -e <event_id>,--event=<event_id> [--format <format>]


This script is used to create MPEG videos of events for the web pages or as email attachments.


 -e<event_id>, --event=<event_id>  - What event to create the video for
 -f<format>, --format=<format>     - What format to create the video in, default is mpg. For ffmpeg only.
 -r<rate>, --rate=<rate>           - Relative rate, 1 = realtime, 2 = double speed, 0.5 = half speed etc.
 -s<scale>, --scale=<scale>        - Scale, 1 = normal, 2 = double size, 0.5 = half size etc.
 -F<fps>, --fps=<fps>              - Absolute frame rate, in frames per second
 -S<size>, --size=<size>           - Absolute video size, WxH or other specification supported by ffmpeg
 -o, --overwrite                   - Whether to overwrite an existing file, off by default.
 -v, --version                     - Outputs the currently installed version of ZoneMinder