zorpctl.conf_(5) zorpctl(8) configuration file.


The zorpctl.conf file describes various global options ifluencing the behavior of zorpctl(8) . zorpctl(8) processes the file line by line, each line having the structure described below. Empty lines and lines beginning with '#' are comments and are ignored.


variable name = variable value

Each non-empty line specifies a variable name and its value separated by the equal sign ('='). The following variables are available:


Enable the automatic restart feature of zorpctl. Instances in auto-restart mode are restarted automatically when they exit. Default value: 1 (TRUE).


If a restarted instance exits within this interval (specified in seconds), the restart attempt is considered a failure. Default value: 60 seconds.


Maximum number of restart attempts. If the instance is not successfully restarted from AUTO_RESTART_MAX_COUNT attempts, the event is logged. Default value: 3.


Wait AUTO_RESTART_DELAY seconds before attempting to restart the Zorp instance.


The rate (delay in seconds) to check a stopping Zorp instance at. Default value: 1.


The number of seconds to wait for a stopping Zorp instance. Default value: 3.


In auto-restart mode there is no real way to detect whether Zorp failed to load or not. Zorpctl waits START_CHECK_TIMEOUT seconds and assumes that Zorp loaded successfully if it did not exit within this interval. Default value: 5 seconds.


In no-auto-restart mode the successful loading of a Zorp instance can be verified by instructing Zorp to daemonize itself and waiting for the parent to exit. This parameter specifies the number of seconds to wait for Zorp to daemonize itself. Default value: 60 seconds.


The minimum process limit (ulimit -u) used by Zorp in the case when the process limit (calculated from the --threads parameter) would result a lower value. Default value: 256.


The number of extra processes to be allocated (e.g.: for proxy modules that are known to spawn new processes). Default value: 64. This parameter is added to the regular (calculated as the sum of the processes of a program allowed to run per user) process limit.


The expected maximal number of file descriptors openened by the threads. The global fd limit is FD_LIMIT_THRESHOLD multiplied by the thread limit. Default value: 64.


The minimum fd limit (ulimit -n) used by Zorp in the case when the process limit (calculated from the --threads and FD_LIMIT_THRESHOLD parameters) would result a lower value. Default value: 1024.


Zorp-specific arguments to be appended to the command line of each Zorp instance. Also recognised as APPEND_ARGS (deprecated). Default value: "".


Zorpctl-specific arguments to be appended to the command line of each instance. Default value: "".


Specifies whether to check the permissions of the Zorp configuration directory. If set, Zorp refuses to run if the /etc/zorp directory can be written by user other then zorp Default value: 1 (TRUE).


The path to the Zorp configuration directory to check if CHECK_PERMS is enabled. NOTE: it does not change the Zorp policy file argument, this parameter is only used by the permission validating code. Default value: ${prefix}/etc/zorp .


The owner/group/permissions values considered valid for the configuration directory. zorpctl fails if the actual owner/group/permissions values conflict the ones set here. Default values: root.zorp, 0750 .


The path to the Zorp pid file directory. The directory is created automatically prior to starting Zorp if it does not already exist.It is created if it does not exist, before NOTE: No --pidfile argument is passed to Zorp, only texistance of the directory is verified. Default value: /var/run/zorp.


The owner/group/permission values the pidfile directory is created with if it does not exist. Default values: root.root, 0700.


The default location for zorpctl.conf is /etc/zorp/zorpctl.conf.


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