VistaIOSetBandInterp(3) set image band interpretation attributes


#include <vistaio.h>

VistaIOBoolean VistaIOSetBandInterp (VistaIOImage 
image, VistaIOBandInterp frame_interp, int nframes, VistaIOBandInterp viewpoint_interp, int nviewpoints, VistaIOBandInterp color_interp, int ncolors, VistaIOBandInterp component_interp, int ncomponents);


Specifies the image whose attributes are to be set.
frame_interp, nframes
viewpoint_interp, nviewpoints
color_interp, ncolors
component_interp, ncomponents
Specify values for various band interpretation attributes.


VistaIOSetBandInterp provides a convenient way to simultaneously set all of the standard attributes describing how an image's bands are to be interpreted.

The frame_interp, viewpoint_interp, color_interp and component_interp arguments supply values for the correspondingly-named attributes. If any of these values is the constant VistaIOBandInterpNone, the corresponding attribute is omitted from the image.

Similarly, the nframes, nviewpoints, ncolors, and ncomponents arguments supply values for other correspondingly-named attributes. The product of these values should equal the total number of bands in the image.


VistaIOSetBandInterp returns TRUE if successful, and FALSE on encountering an error.


``No. bands conflicts with no. of frames, etc.''
The product of the numbers of frames, viewpoints, colors, and components specified is isn't equal to the number of bands in the image.


Art Pope <[email protected]>

Adaption to vistaio: Gert Wollny <[email protected]>