__gnu_parallel::pseudo_sequence_iterator< T(3) _DifferenceTp >


Public Types

typedef _DifferenceTp difference_type

Public Member Functions

difference_type operator!= (const type &i2)

const T & operator* () const

type & operator++ ()

const type operator++ (int)

difference_type operator- (const type &i2)

bool operator== (const type &i2)

const T & operator[] (difference_type) const

pseudo_sequence_iterator (const T &val, difference_type pos)

Detailed Description

template<typename T, typename _DifferenceTp>class __gnu_parallel::pseudo_sequence_iterator< T, _DifferenceTp >

Iterator associated with __gnu_parallel::pseudo_sequence. If features the usual random-access iterator functionality.


T Sequence value type.
difference_type Sequence difference type.

Definition at line 338 of file base.h.


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