Ace::Graphics::GlyphFactory(3) Create Ace::Graphics::Glyphs


use Ace::Graphics::GlyphFactory;
my $factory = Ace::Graphics::GlyphFactory($glyph_name,@options);


The Ace::Graphics::GlyphFactory class is used internally by Ace::Graphics::Track and Ace::Graphics::Glyph to hold the options pertaining to a set of related glyphs and creating them on demand. This class is not ordinarily useful to the end-developer.


This section describes the class and object methods for Ace::Graphics::GlyphFactory.


There is only one constructor, the new() method. It is ordinarily called by Ace::Graphics::Track, in the make_factory() subroutine.
$factory = Ace::Graphics::GlyphFactory->new($glyph_name,@options)
The new() method creates a new factory object. The object will create glyphs of type $glyph_name, and using the options specified in @options. Generic options are described in Ace::Graphics::Panel, and specific options are described in each of the Ace::Graphics::Glyph::* manual pages. =back


Once a track is created, the following methods can be invoked:
$glyph = $factory->glyph($feature)
Given a sequence feature, creates an Ace::Graphics::Glyph object to display it. The various attributes of the glyph are set from the options provided at factory creation time.
$option = $factory->option($option_name [,$new_option])
Given an option name, returns its value. If a second argument is provided, sets the option to the new value and returns its previous one.
$index = $factory->fgcolor
Returns the desired foreground color for the glyphs in the form of an GD::Image color index. This may be the one of the special colors gdBrushed and gdStyled. This is only useful while the enclosing Ace::Graphics::Panel object is rendering the object. In other contexts it returns undef.
$scale = $factory->scale([$scale])
Get or set the scale, in pixels/bp, for the glyph. This is ordinarily set by the Ace::Graphics::Track object just prior to rendering, and called by each glyphs' map_pt() method when performing the rendering.
$color = $factory->bgcolor([$color])
Get or set the background color for the glyphs.
$color = $factory->fillcolor([$color])
Get or set the fill color for the glyphs.
$font = $factory->font([$font])
Get or set the font to use for rendering the glyph.
$color = $factory->fontcolor
Get the color for the font (to set it, use fgcolor()). This is subtly different from fgcolor() itself, because it will never return a styled color, such as gdBrushed.
$panel = $factory->panel([$panel])
Get or set the panel that contains the GD::Image object used by this factory.
$index = $factory->translate($color)
@rgb = $factory->rgb($index)
These are convenience procedures that are passed through to the enclosing Panel object and have the same effect as the like-named methods in that class. See Ace::Graphics::Panel.


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Lincoln Stein <[email protected]>.

Copyright (c) 2001 Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

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