udev_enumerate_add_syspath(3) Query or modify a udev enumerate object

Other Alias

udev_enumerate_scan_devices, udev_enumerate_scan_subsystems, udev_enumerate_get_list_entry, udev_enumerate_get_udev


#include <libudev.h>

int udev_enumerate_scan_devices(struct udev_enumerate *udev_enumerate);
int udev_enumerate_scan_subsystems(struct udev_enumerate *udev_enumerate);
struct udev_list_entry *udev_enumerate_get_list_entry(struct udev_enumerate *udev_enumerate);
int udev_enumerate_add_syspath(struct udev_enumerate *udev_enumerate, const char *syspath);
struct udev *udev_enumerate_get_udev(struct udev_enumerate *udev_enumerate);


On success, udev_enumerate_scan_devices(), udev_enumerate_scan_subsystems() and udev_enumerate_add_syspath() return an integer greater than, or equal to, 0.

On success, udev_enumerate_get_list_entry() returns a pointer to the first entry in the list of found devices. If the list is empty, or on failure, NULL is returned.

udev_enumerate_get_udev() always returns a pointer to the udev context that this enumerated object is associated with.