Ace::Graphics::Glyph::transcript(3) The gene glyph


See L<Ace::Graphics::Panel> and L<Ace::Graphics::Glyph>.


This glyph draws a series of filled rectangles connected by up-angled connectors or ``hats''. The rectangles indicate exons; the hats are introns. The direction of transcription is indicated by a small arrow at the end of the glyph, rightward for the + strand.

The feature must respond to the exons() and optionally introns() methods, or it will default to the generic display. Implied introns (not returned by the introns() method) are drawn in a contrasting color to explicit introns.


In addition to the common options, the following glyph-specific option is recognized:

  Option                Description                    Default
  ------                -----------                    -------
  -implied_intron_color The color to use for gaps      gray
                        not returned by the introns()
  -draw_arrow           Whether to draw arrowhead      true
                        indicating direction of


Please report them.


Lincoln Stein <[email protected]>.

Copyright (c) 2001 Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

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