achilles(1) OpenGL simulation of artificial life and evolution


achilles [-x <num of blocks in x axis> ] [-z <num of blocks in z axis> ] [-f <num of initial foods> ] [ <num of initial creatures> ] [-v] [-h]


This manual page documents briefly the achilles commands. It is an artificial evolution simulation based on Hebbian neural networks and ideas set forth in Larry Yaeger's PolyWorld. Run the achilles -h command to find out the default values for the options.


-x <num of blocks in the x axis>
How big the world should be, along the x axis.
-z <num of blocks in the z axis>
How big the world should be, along the z axis.
-f <num of initial foods>
How many food items there should be at the start.
<num of initial creatures>
How many creatures the world should start off with.
Output the version number.
Output a help text.


Matthew Danish <[email protected]>