acpiexec(1) ACPI AML execution and debug utility


acpiexec [<option>...] <aml-file> ...


This manual page briefly documents the acpiexec command. The option list is taken from the acpiexec interactive help.

acpiexec provides a simulated execution environment for AML code so that it can be more easily tested and debugged.

Much more detailed documentation may be found at


Display the help message
-b command-line
Batch mode command line execution (cmd1;cmd2;...)
-M [<method>]
Batch mode method execution (Default: MAIN)
Disable method abort on error
Disable execution of _STA/_INI methods during init
Disable Operation Region address simulation
Disable repair of method return values
Disable allocation tracking (performance)
Enable display of final memory statistics
Enable additional tests for ACPICA interfaces
Enable interpreter Serialized mode
Enable interpreter Slack mode
Enable debug semaphore timeour
-f <value>
Operation Region initialization fill value
Use hardware-reduced FADT V5
Verbose initialization output
Verbose region handler output
-x <debug-level>
Debug output level


acpiexec was written by Robert Moore <[email protected]>.

This manual page was written by Al Stone <[email protected]> for the Fedora project (but may be used by others).