addftpuser(8) set up anonymous FTP user


addftpuser [--group <group>] [--check-binaries] [--update-binaries] [--help] [--version]


addftpuser command can create anonymous FTP user, set up its home directory, install neccessary binaries in it, set or correct all the permissions in it, and make a directory for user uploads under it.
rmftpuser command can remove the anonymous FTP user, along with its home directory.


--group <group>
use this group for the anonymous FTP account.
Check whether the binaries and libraries of the ftp hierarchy should be updated or not (an exit status of 0 means no update required).
Update binaries and libraries of the anonymous ftp hierarchy.
Display some help and exit.
Output version information and exit.

rmftpuser command ignores any command line options or parameters.


Copyright (C) 1995 Peter Tobias <[email protected]> changed some parts Heiko Schlittermann <[email protected]>. This manpage was written by Vincent Renardias <[email protected]> for the Debian GNU/Linux wu-ftpd-academ package.