addlocon(3) create a logical connector


#include "mlo.h"
locon_list *addlocon(ptfig, name, ptsig, dir)
lofig_list *ptfig;
char *name;
losig_list *ptsig;
char dir;


Pointer to the figure in which the connector should be added
Name of the connector
Pointer on the signal linked to the connector
Connector direction type


addlocon creates a new figure connector called name and adds it to the list of connectors pointed to by ptfig->LOCON. The new connector is added in front of the list, and becomes itself the list head.
The parameters name, ptsig, dir, width fill respectivly the NAME, SIG and DIR fields of the locon structure. The name should be unique at a given hierarchical level since it's the connector identifier.
The field TYPE is set to EXTERNAL since a cell connector is beeing created. The instance connectors are builded up by the addloins(3) call. See addloins(3) for details. For a list of valid dir, see locon(3).


addlocon returns a pointer to the newly created connector.


"*** mbk error *** addlocon impossible : connector name already exists in figure ptfig->NAME"
The name beeing the logical connector idenfier, two connectors may not have the same name in a given figure.
"*** mbk error *** addlocon impossible : bad direction dir in figure ptfig->NAME"
The dir does not have a legal value. For the set of legal values, see locon(3).


#include "mlo.h"
locon_list *du_con(ptfig, ptcon) /* duplicate connector */
lofig_list *ptfig;
locon_list *ptcon;
   return addlocon(ptfig, ptcon->NAME, ptcon->SIG, ptcon->DIR);