AdjacencyMatrixImport(3) Import a graph coded with matrix.

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Public Member Functions

AdjacencyMatrixImport (AlgorithmContext context)

~AdjacencyMatrixImport ()

bool formatError (const char *s, int curLine)

bool import (const string &name)

Public Attributes

vector< node > nodes

Detailed Description

AdjacencyMatrixImport.cpp - Import a graph coded with matrix.

This plugin enables to import a graph coded with a matrix

File format:

The input format of this plugin is an ascii file where each line represents a row of the matrix. In each row, cells must be separated by a space.

Let M(i,j) be a cell of the matrix :

  • if i==j we define the value of a node.
  • if i!=j we define a directed edge between node[i] and node[j]

If M(i,j) is real value (0, .0, -1, -1.0), it is stored in the viewMetric property of the graph.

 If M(i,j) is a string, it is stored in the viewLabel property of the graph. 

 Use & to set the viewMetric and viewLabel properties of a node or edge in the same time. If M(i,j) == @ an edge will be created without value 

 If M(i,j) == # no edge will be created between node[i] and node[j]

# B
# # C
Define a graph with 3 nodes (with labels A B C) and without edge.

@ B
@ @ C
Define a simple complete graph with 3 nodes (with labels A B C) and no label (or value) on its edges

A # E & 5
@ B
# @ C
Define a graph with 3 nodes and 3 edges, the edge between A and C is named E and has the value 5


Version 1.0: First version replace old adjacency matrix format included in Tulip (no more supported)


Add tests in order to prevent bad file format.


David Auber University of Bordeaux I (LaBRI) France

 Email:[email protected]


This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AdjacencyMatrixImport::AdjacencyMatrixImport (AlgorithmContext context) [inline]

AdjacencyMatrixImport::~AdjacencyMatrixImport () [inline]

Member Function Documentation

bool AdjacencyMatrixImport::formatError (const char * s, int curLine) [inline]

bool AdjacencyMatrixImport::import (const string & name) [inline]

Member Data Documentation

vector<node> AdjacencyMatrixImport::nodes


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