af_chowner(3) AtFS protection handling

Other Alias

af_chauthor, af_chmod


#include <atfs.h>

int af_chowner (Af_key *aso, Af_user *owner)

int af_chauthor (Af_key *aso, Af_user *author)

int af_chmod (Af_key *aso, int mode)


af_chowner and af_chauthor modify the owner and author attribute of an ASO. Only the superuser may change the owner of an object history. The author attribute of an ASO can only be changed by it's owner. The Af_user structure has the following form

typedef struct {
        char    af_username[MAXUSERNAMELEN];
        char    af_userhost[MAXHOSTNAMELEN];
        char    af_userdomain[MAXDOMAIN+1];
        } Af_user;

af_chmod changes the mode of an ASO. See chmod(3) for further details.


Upon error, -1 is returned and af_errno is set to the corresponding error number.


af_chowner does not work.