al_lock_bitmap_blocked(1) Allegro 5 API


#include <allegro5/allegro.h>
ALLEGRO_LOCKED_REGION *al_lock_bitmap_blocked(ALLEGRO_BITMAP *bitmap,
   int flags)


Like al_lock_bitmap(3alleg5), but allows locking bitmaps with a blocked pixel format (i.e. a format for which al_get_pixel_block_width(3alleg5) or al_get_pixel_block_height(3alleg5) do not return 1) in that format. To that end, this function also does not allow format conversion. For bitmap formats with a block size of 1, this function is identical to calling al_lock_bitmap(bmp, al_get_bitmap_format(bmp), flags).

Note: Currently there are no drawing functions that work when the bitmap is locked with a compressed format. al_get_pixel(3alleg5) will also not work.