amqp-get(1) Get a message from a queue on an AMQP server



amqp-get OPTION -q queue name



amqp-get attempts to consume a single message from a queue on an AMQP server, and exits. Unless the queue was empty, the body of the resulting message is sent to standard output.



--queue=queue name
The name of the queue to consume messages from.

Exit Status


If the queue is not empty, and a message is successfully retrieved, the exit status is 0. If an error occurs, the exit status is 1. If the queue is found to be empty, the exit status is 2.


Get a message from the queue ``myqueue'', and
display its body on standard output:" 10

amqp-get -q myqueue 


See also


librabbitmq-tools(7) describes connection-related options common to all the RabbitMQ C Client tools.