AptPkg::Version(3) APT package versioning class


use AptPkg::Version;


The AptPkg::Version module provides an interface to APT's package version handling.


The AptPkg::Version package implements the APT pkgVersioningSystem class.

An instance of the AptPkg::Version class may be fetched using the "versioning" method from an AptPkg::System object.

The following methods are implemented:

Return the description of the versioning system, for example:

    Standard .deb

for Debian systems.

compare(A, B)
Compare package version A with B, returning a negative value if A is an earlier version than B, zero if the same or a positive value if A is later.
rel_compare(A, B)
Compare distribution release numbers.
check_dep(PKG, OP, DEP)
Check that the package version PKG satisfies the relation OP to the dependency version DEP.

The relation OP is specified in the Debian syntax regardless of the versioning system:

    <<  strictly earlier
    <=  earlier or equal
    =   exactly equal
    >=  later or equal
    >>  strictly later
Return the upstream component of the given version string.


Brendan O'Dea <[email protected]>