archive_read_add_passphrase(3) archive_read_set_passphrase_callback


Streaming Archive Library (libarchive, -larchive)


In archive.h Ft int Fo archive_read_add_passphrase Fa struct archive * Fa const char *passphrase Fc Ft int Fo archive_read_set_passphrase_callback Fa struct archive * Fa void *client_data Fa archive_passphrase_callback * Fc


Fn archive_read_add_passphrase
Register passphrases for reading an encryption archive. If passphrase is NULL or empty, this function will do nothing and ARCHIVE_FAILED will be returned. Otherwise, ARCHIVE_OK will be returned.
Fn archive_read_set_passphrase_callback
Register callback function that will be invoked to get a passphrase for decrption after trying all passphrases registered by the Fn archive_read_add_passphrase function failed.