arp2ethers(8) convert arpwatch address database to ethers file format


arp2ethers [ arp.dat file ]


arp2ethers converts the file /var/lib/arpwatch/arp.dat (or the file specified on the command line) into ethers(5) format on stdout. Usually arp.dat is an ethernet/ip database file generated by arpwatch(8). The arpwatch daemon in Debian will create different arp.dat depending on its configuration. All of them will be available at /var/lib/arpwatch/.


/var/lib/arpwatch - default directory for arp.dat
arp.dat - ethernet/ip address database


Please send bug reports to [email protected]


Original version by Craig Leres of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Network Research Group, University of California, Berkeley, CA.

Modified for the Debian Project by Peter Kelemen, with additions from Erik Warmelink.

The current version is available via anonymous ftp:

This manual page was contributed by Hugo Graumann.