astk(1) launch the astk GUI


astk [ -h ] [ -debug [N] ] [ -profil profile_name ] [ -agla data ]


This manual page documents briefly the astk command.

astk is an application to help launching calculations with Code Aster.


-h, --help print the options list

-g, --debug [N]
turn on the print of debug informations. N message level, default 1
--profil profile_name
open profile_name at startup
--serv FIserver_name
server where is the profile
--agla data
use an alternative AGLA configuration
black and white
check the configuration and exits
don't get informations about the servers configuration
suppress the splash screen
suppress warning dialogs during initialization step (usefull only when astk is called by a Qt widget to work around a Qt bug)
write messages to the terminal
prints ASTK version and exits
--from_salome | --stand-alone
starting mode : from Salome or stand-alone
--rcdir suffix
use ressources directory .astkrc_suffix


/etc/codeaster/astkrc  default configuration directory for astk


The Debian Scientific Computing Team