atfsit(1) A program to prepare files for version control


atfsit [ -cFhfsmM ] [ -qad ] [ -Iflags ] [ -Rflags ] [ -tdirectory ] file1 ...


Atfsit is a semi-intelligent program to prepare files for ShapeTools version control. This involves putting the correct type of headings at the top of the file so that retrv will update a header and log changes in the file.

By default, atfsit will use default headers ``hard-wired'' into itself for each different file type that it ``knows'' about. (See below for list of known file types).

If the -tdirectory option is specified, then atfsit will use ``.template.suffix'' files (where ``suffix'' is a suffix that atfsit ``knows'' about) found in directory. If a directory name is not specified on the command line, then the environment variable TEMPLATES is used. If $TEMPLATES is not set, then the environment variable, HOME is tried.

The following template files are recognized:

  Template NameFile Type
  .template.cStandard C
  .template.hC Include
  .template.shShell Script

Atfsit is ``semi-intelligent'' in that it can guess the type of headers to put in the file by the type of file (C program, C include, makefile, shell script, or manual). It determines the file type by looking at the name of the file. If the name of the file is ``Makefile'' or ``makefile'', then the file type is taken to be for make(1). The suffix after the last ``.'' in the file name is then used. The following table shows the suffixes that atfsit knows about:

SuffixFile Type --------------------------------------------- c C Program F C Program (with compile flags) h C Include f Fortran mk Make(1) file sh Shell Script cshShell Script [1-9]Manual (digits 1 - 9)

If the environment variable ``ATFSDIR'' is present, then atfsit will attempt to make a link from it to ``AtFS'' in the current directory if the -I option is used and there is no directory called ``AtFS'' already, in the current directory. If the -I option is used and ``ATFSDIR'' is not specified in the environment, then a normal directory called ``AtFS'' will be created. This feature can be overrided with the -d option.


Force file type to be ``Standard C''.
Force file type to be ``Standard C''. Add a special header-line for recording of compile-time options in addition to the default header. The inserted line has the form static char *ConfFlg = CFFLGS. CFFLGS must be a string value. As it is very inconvenient, to define the proper value of CFFLGS from the command-line, this feature is more intended to be used from within Makefiles.
Force file type to be ``C Include''.
Force file type to be ``Fortran''.
Force file type to be ``Manual''. Note: If you also specify the ``Iflags'' option, atfsit will run vadm(1) to tell ShapeTools what kind of comment string to use for the manual file.
Force file type to be ``Shell Script''.
Force file type to be ``Makefile''. Note that this does the same thing as the -s option does. It just prints a different message.
Do not use any Template files for the headers.
Be quiet. Don't print out what is going on. Only error messages are printed.
Do not attempt to make the directory ``AtFS''. See above for more info.
Turn off auto guessing of file type.
Check In file. Run save(1) on the file with ``flags'' being passed onto save(1) as the command line arguments.
Run vadm(1) with ``flags'' as the command line arguments.


/tmp/atfsit*- temporary buffer

~/.template.* - template files to use as the header.


Michael Cooper ([email protected])
Modified for use with ShapeTools by [email protected]


Complains about the usual stuff. (i.e. - the specified file doesn't exist, or it can't read it...just things like that.)