gitps(1) A process viewer/killer


gitps [-hvcblp]


This manual page documents briefly the gitps command.

gitps is an interactive process viewer/killer. It calls internally the ps(1) utility.

More extensive documentation on gitps and the other gnuit tools is available in info format, try 'info gnuit'.

Running `gitps' is self explanatory. Use the `arrows', `PageUp', `PageDown', `Home', `End', `^N', `^P', `^V', `ESC v', `Space' and `Backspace' to move in the list, `^L' to refresh it, `Enter' to change the default signal and `F10', `q' or `^X ^C' to leave.

You can change these keys, just read the GITPS-Setup, GITPS-Color, GITPS-Monochrome and GITPS-Keys sections in the configuration files gnuitrc.TERM.

gitps is part of the GNU Interactive Tools.


A summary of options is included below. For a complete description, see the Info files.
Show summary of options.
Show version of program.
Use ANSI colours.
Don't use ANSI colours.
Don't use last screen character.
Pass the remaining arguments to ps(1).


Please send bug reports to:
[email protected]


Tudor Hulubei <[email protected]>
Andrei Pitis <[email protected]>
Ian Beckwith <[email protected]> (Current maintainer)