Audio::MPD::Common::Time(3) class representing time of current song


version 2.003


Audio::MPD::Common::Status returns some time information with the "time()" accessor. This information relates to the elapsed time of the current song, as well as the remaining and total time. This information is encapsulated in an Audio::MPD::Common::Time object.

An Audio::MPD::Common::Time object does not update itself regularly, and thus should be used immediately.

Note: one should never ever instantiate an Audio::MPD::Common::Time object directly - use the mpd modules instead.



The time passed to the constructor, used to compute all others values (see methods). It is the time value (on the ``time'' line) of what the MPD server returns to the status command. Defaults to "0:0".


my $str = $time->sofar;

Return elapsed $time ("minutes:seconds" format).

my $str = $time->left;

Return remaining $time ("minutes:seconds" format).

my $str = $time->left;

Return total $time ("minutes:seconds" format).

my $percent = $time->percent;

Return elapsed $time (percentage, 1 digit).

my $secs = $time->seconds_sofar;

Return elapsed $time in seconds.

my $secs = $time->seconds_left;

Return remaining $time in seconds.

my $secs = $time->seconds_total;

Return total $time in seconds.

my $mins = $time->sofar_mins;

Return minutes part of elapsed $time.

my $secs = $time->sofar_secs;

Return seconds part of elapsed $time.

my $mins = $time->left_mins;

Return minutes part of remaining $time.

my $secs = $time->left_secs;

Return seconds part of remaining $time.

my $mins = $time->total_mins;

Return minutes part of total $time.

my $mins = $time->total_secs;

Return seconds part of total $time.


Jerome Quelin


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