Audio::Nama::Globals(3) Nama global variables


Audio::Nama::Globals exports Nama globals, which it gets by merging the contents of the following files:
Pronouns (e.g. $this_track) and indices (e.g. %tn, get track by name)
Marshalling variables for serializing/deserializing (e.g. @tracks_data)
Simple hash structures (such as $config) or objects such as $file that aggregate data. The hashes can be invested with object properties as need be.

Other lists

Maps keys in .namarc (e.g. mix_to_disk_format) to the corresponding Nama internal scalar (e.g. "$config->{mix_to_disk_format}"
List of allowed singleton hash keys.

Keys of variables appearing in ./var_singletons should be listed in var_keys or in var_config. Undeclared keys will trigger warnings during build.


Declares lists of variables used in serializing/deserializing.
Mainly user defined and system-wide effect chains, stored in global_effect_chains.json in the Nama project root directory.
These variables are saved to State.json in the project directory and placed under version control.
These Variables saved to Aux.json, not under version control. including project-specific effect-chain definitions, and track/version comments.