audiotools.cfg(5) configuration data for Python Audio Tools


The format of this file consists of one or more sections. Each section contains one or more key / value pairs.



b'[System]'b'default_type'b'the default audio type to use'
b'cdrom'b'the default CD-ROM device to use'
b'cdrom_read_offset'b'read sample offset to apply'
b'cdrom_write_offset'b'write sample offset to apply'
b'fs_encoding'b'text encoding for filenames'
b'io_encoding'b'text encoding for terminal output'
b'maximum_jobs'b'default for the -j option'

b'[Defaults]'b'verbosity'b'"normal", "debug" or "quiet"'

b'[Filenames]'b'format'b'default for the --format option'

b'[Quality]'b'flac'b'default quality for FLAC encoding'
b'mp3'b'default quality for MP3 encoding'
b'...'b'default quality for a given type'

b'[Binaries]'b'oggenc'b'binary to use for Vorbis encoding'
b'lame'b'binary to use for MP3 encoding'
b'...'b'binary to use other than default'

b'[Thumbnail]'b'format'b'"jpeg", "png", "gif", etc.'
b'size'b'maximum size of each thumbnail'

b'[ID3]'b'id3v2'b'id3v2.2, id3v2.3, id3v2.4 or none'
b'id3v1'b'"id3v1.1" or "none"'
b'pad'b'if "true", track numbers like "01"'
b'if "false", track numbers like "1"'

b'[MusicBrainz]'b'server'b'default MusicBrainz hostname'
b'port'b'default MusicBrainz port'

b'[FreeDB]'b'server'b'default FreeDB hostname'
b'port'b'default FreeDB port'


Brian Langenberger