tracktag(1) update audio file metadata


tracktag [OPTIONS] <track 1> [track 2] ...


tracktag takes new metadata values and a list of audio files and updates those files with the new values.


-h, --help
show a list of options and exit
-I, --interactive
Once any other command-line arguments are processed, edit the given tracks in interactive mode.
-r, --replace
this options erases all existing metadata and replaces it with any specified values
add ReplayGain metadata to tracks
remove ReplayGain metadata from tracks
-j, --joint=PROCESSES
The maximum number of albums to calculate ReplayGain for at one time.
-V, --verbose=VERBOSITY
The level of output to display. Choose between 'normal', 'quiet' and 'debug'.


the name of the track
the track's artist
the track's performer
the track's composer
the track's conductor
the track's album name
the album's catalog number, typically indicated on its case
the track's number on the disc
the total number of tracks on the disc
the album's number, if it is one in a series of albums; for example, a 3 CD set might have an album number of 1, 2 or 3
the total number of albums in the set
whether the track is part of a compilation
the track's ISRC
the album's publisher
the album's media type, such as "CD", "vinyl", etc.
the album's release year
the track's original recording date
the album's copyright information
comment text
a file containing comment text, for particularly long comments




-M, --metadata-lookup
perform metadata lookup for tracks as if they were a single CD
the MusicBrainz server name to query for metadata
the MusicBrainz port to query for metadata
don't query MusicBrainz for metadata
the FreeDB server name to query for metadata
the FreeDB port to query for metadata
don't query FreeDB for metadata
-D, --default
When multiple metadata choices are available, select the first one automatically. This option has no effect when used with -I


Update track.flac to be track number 5 and have a track name of "Test Track".

tracktag "--name=Test Track" --number=5 track.flac

Add ISRC metadata from the disc in /dev/cdrom to all MP3 files in the current directory

cdrdao read-toc --device /dev/cdrom album.toc

tracktag --cue=album.toc *.mp3


Brian Langenberger