Autodia::Handler::Cpp(3) AutoDia handler for C++


This module parses files into a Diagram Object, which all handlers use. The role of the handler is to parse through the file extracting information such as Class names, attributes, methods and properties.

HandlerPerl parses files using simple perl rules. A possible alternative would be to write HandlerCPerl to handle C style perl or HandleHairyPerl to handle hairy perl.

HandlerPerl is registered in the module, which contains a hash of language names and the name of their respective language - in this case:

%language_handlers = { .. , cpp => ``Autodia::Handler::Cpp'', .. };


use Autodia::Handler::Cpp;

my $handler = Autodia::Handler::Cpp->New(\%Config);

This creates a new handler using the Configuration hash to provide rules selected at the command line.


This parses the named file and returns 1 if successful or 0 if the file could not be opened.

$handler->output_xml(); # interpolates values into an xml or html template

$handler->output_graphviz(); # generates a gif file via graphviz