aweather(1) Advanced weather reporting program


aweather [-hoaf] [-d level] [-s site] [-t time]


AWeather is a advanced weather reporting program which is designed to be used by weather enthusiasts. AWeather is not another weather dockapp that simply displays a pre-computed forecast. It is designed to be an easy to use program that integrates a variety of weather data in simple unified interface; see features for more details.


-h, --help

Show usage.

-d, --debug=level

Change default log level*, a debug level ranges from 0 to 5. A debug level of 5 is recommended only for debugging purposes.

-s, --site=site

Set initial site. The site should be given as a WSR88D site code such as KLSX.

-t, --time=time

Set initial time. The time format should be provided in the YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM format.

-o, --offline

Run in offline mode, AWeather will not attempt to connect to the internet to download radar files but will show the closest matching cached file.

-a, --autoupdate

Run in autoupdate mode, AWeather will periodically poll data servers for updated information.

-f, --fullscreen

Run in fullscreen mode, AWeather start up using the entire screen as he main display area. Toolbars and side panels are hidden by default and can be accessed by moving the mouse to the edge of the screen.


h, j, k, l, Left, Down, Up, Right

Pan the surface of the earth left, down, up, or right.

i, o, +, -, Scroll up, Scroll down

Zoom towards or away from the surface of the earth.

J, K

Rotate the camera back or forward. If looking across the surface of the earth, J will point the camera towards ground while K will point the camera towards the sky.

H, L

Rotate the counter clockwise or clockwise around the vertical axes. If looking across the surface of the earth, H will pan to the left while L will pan to the right.


Draw a wire frame of the earth for debugging purposes.


Exit AWeather.


Cycle through available plugins.


Refresh all map data.


Toggle full screen mode


Left-click and drag

Pan the surface of the earth.

Middle-click and drag

Zoom towards (up) or away (down) from the surface of the earth.

Right-click and drag

Rotate the camera around the vertical and horizontal axes.


Start AWeather in offline mode and center the map on the St. Louis radar.

$ aweather -s KLSX -o




Andy Spencer <[email protected]>