aws-rb(1) Ruby REPL interface to Amazon Web Services API.


aws-rb [options]


aws-rb launchs a REPL environment, that acts like an interactive console to Amazon Web Services Ruby API.


--repl REPL
Specify the repl environment, pry or irb
-l --[no-]log
Log client requets, on by default.
-c --[no-]color
Colorize request logging, on by default.
--profile PROFILE
Use a specific profile from your credential file.
-d --[no-]debug
Log HTTP wire traces, off by default.
-I directory
Specify $LOAD_PATH directory (may be used more than once).
-I library
Require the library.
-v --verbose
Enable client logging and HTTP wire tracing.
-q --quiet
Disable client logging and HTTP wire tracing.
-h --help
Shows the help.