aws_password(1) Create a password for the hotplug server authorization file


aws_password module password [realm]


The Ada Web Server is a library that allows you to embed a web server into your Ada application. It provides not only HTTP but also SOAP, WSDL and several other facilities. Thus you can write full-fledged web applications.

WSDL (Web Service Definition Language) is a language based on XML. WSDL documents describe, in a formal way, the interface to Web Services. This description consists of the end-point (URL to the server offering the service), the SOAPAction (needed to call the remote procedure), the procedure names and a description of the input and output parameters.

aws_password is a simple wrapper to the MD5 algorithm, intended to create a password for each hotplug module.

Please see the AWS User's guide for more details on how webxref works, and how you can use it to develop web services.




aws_password was written by AdaCore as part of the Ada Web Server.

This manual page was written by Nicolas Boulenguez <[email protected]> for Debian GNU/Linux.