ax25spyd(8) ax.25 traffic analyzer, dumper and spy daemon


ax25spyd [-v{v}|--version] [-d] [-f]


ax25spyd - A daemon, which analyses, formats and transmit the AX.25 traffic via sockets to other processes. Statistics of heard frames and a simple DX-cluster-spy is included. An autospy and mailspy will be provided in the future.

ax25spyd runs in the background. It should be started during boot up, after ax.25 init is completed. To see the results, you need a client. ax25spy(1) is provided as example, but you can use telnet too, or an PR-Terminalprogram e.g. LinKT/MonKT

(someday it will be written) would first read it's configuration file /etc/ax25/ax25mond.conf. It will then wait for connects on the tcp-ports specified in this file (no, it waits on 14090 and 14091). When connected, it will transmit all data which it has received on the AX.25 monitor socket.

There is an listener port on 14091. It offers the monitor data in readable format. You can telnet to it (telnet localhost 14091) and see the monitordata.


alien mode. shows every packet from any network-interface (except loopback device lo) e.g. eth0. There is a performance disadvantage. ATTENTION: There is a security problem, because everyone can connect to ax25spyd and see all data! You must know what you do,if you enable this!
 - You have be warned -
starts _not_ in Daemon-mode, but in the foreground. The default is to put hemself in the background (Daemon-Mode)
allow the SHOWALIEN command (see -a) to be issued by the client. ATTENTION: This is a security problem!
(forcenokiss), for kax25 which ommit the transmitting of the KISS-Byte on the monitorsocket (2.2-Kernel). Try this, if autodetection does not work
mailspy: tries to detect bbs-mail in the spied data, collects it and writes it to the local mailsystem via smtp (not working yet)
be quiet. Usefull when starting in the boot-script
spy all: Write all heard data to /var/lib/ax25/ax25spyd/call1->call
be verbose in the syslog
be more verbose -
-V, --version
displays the version number and some copyright information.


To the authors of listen(1), ax25mond(8) and TNT for providing the source I could learn (and take) from. So thanks to Johann Hanne, DH3MB <[email protected]> Alan Cox GW4PTS <[email protected]> Jonathan Naylor G4KLX <[email protected]> Phil Karn KA9Q <[email protected]> Heikki Hannikainen OH7LZB <[email protected]> Thanks to Jochen, dg6vj, author of LinKT for initiating the project.


Walter Koch, dg9ep <[email protected]> The configfilecode and the man page for it is taken literally from Johann Hanne, DH3MB <[email protected]>