axgetmail(1) automatically download messages from the F6FBB BBS


axgetmail <bbs_callsign>


Axgetmail scans the message list of specified BBS and downloads all new messages that have a destination which belongs to the list of interesting bulletins. There can be a list for each BBS.

Bulletins are stored into
For downloading personal mail each callsign we want download mail for must have an entry in the /etc/ax25/logins file to enable axgetmail to determine the user whose home directory will be used for storing personal messages. The HOMEDIR argument in axgetmail.conf specifies the path relative to user's home directory where the personal mail will be stored. Personal messages are stored into the directory
If the subdirectory for any BBS doesn't exist, no personal mail is downloaded for such user from the BBS.

Axgetmail can be run automatically by ulistd utility. See ulistd(8).


After the successful connect to the BBS axgetmail attempts to execute the script /var/ax25/auth_agent and redirects its stdin and stdout to the BBS. The BBS callsign is passed as the first command line argument. The script should take actions needed for user's authorization to the BBS. When the script execution fails, axgetmail continues downloading the messages without authorization.




Radek Burget OK2JBG <[email protected]>