ulistd(8) collect FBB BBS messages list sent via unproto frames


ulistd -c callsign [-n] [-l] [-g] [-m number] [-v]


Ulistd is a daemon that comunicates with one or more F6FBB BBSs using the unproto (UI) frames and gathers the information about messages available in the BBS. Ulistd can act in two modes. In active mode it automatically sends the requests to keep the lists up to date. In passive mode it uses only the list entries transmitted by the BBS. When some missing messages are detected it calls the script /var/ax25/complete_agent that will complete the list. Typically this script runs axgetlist (1) to read the missing messages. Each home BBS must be specified in configuration file /etc/ax25/ulistd.conf

The unproto listing must be enabled on each BBS (ask sysop to do this for your callsign). When BBS rejects a request, daemon stops sending requests to this BBS. When a BBS doesn't respond, request sending is stopped and daemon waits until the BBS sends an unproto frame.


-c callsign
Specifies the callsign for sending requests.
Enables logging to the system log file. The default is off.
Try to exec /var/ax25/list_agent script each time BBS reports the end of list. This script contains by default commands for downloading selected messages using the axgetmail (1) utility and deleting the old messages using the msgcleanup (1) utility.
-m number
Sets the first message number to request. This is useful when running the daemon for the first time.
Disables sending requests to each home BBS when daemon starts. The default is on.
Display the version.




Radek Burget OK2JBG <[email protected]>