bbtime(1) Display the time in a small blackbox style window


bbtime [-display <displayname>] [-config <filename>]
[-spooldir] [-version] [-help] [[-position] | [-pos]] <position>


This manual page documents briefly the bbtime command.

bbtime displays the time in a small blackbox style window.


A summary of options are included below.
-d[isplay] <displayname>
X server to connect to
-c[onfig] <filename>
Alternate config file
-bb[config] <filename>
Alternate Blackbox config file
Fall back on default configuration
-m[ailbox] <filename>
Filename of mailbox
Display version number
Display this help
-p[osition] <position>
Set position of window, <position> = [+]|[-]x[+]|[-]y
Place bbtool in the Slit
Don't display groundplate


Blackbox Users:

By default bbtime reads the Blackbox style-file as defined in .blackboxrc and copies as much of the style as possible. The result is an application which looks a lot like the toolbar. Further configuration options can be found in Most likely you want to change these options, copy this file to somewhere in your homedir (eg blackbox/bbtime.config) and edit it. Edit the file .blackboxrc and add or edit the line: bbtime.configFile: <your config file>.

WARNING: You have to define the entire PATH.

All style options set by reading the Blackbox-style file can be overridden by placing them in bbtime.config (and changing them). See for all possible options.

Make sure the file .bbtoolsrc does not exist, else the configuration style for other Window Managers will be used.

Users of other Window managers:

By default bbtime reads the bbtoolsrc and bbtime.nobb config files. If you want to define your personal config-file copy bbtoolsrc to your homedir as ./.bbtoolsrc. Copy bbtime.nobb somewhere in your homedir. Edit .bbtoolsrc and add or edit the line: bbtime.configFile: <your config file>.

WARNING: You have to define the entire PATH.


Press the right mouse-button on the envelope to cause bbtime to re-read its settings.


bbtime automatically copies the style of the blackbox toolbar. It copies:

toolbar -> bbtime.frame
toolbar.label -> bbtime.label
toolbar.color -> bbtime.frame.color
toolbar.colorTo -> bbtime.frame.colorTo
toolbar.label.color -> bbtime.label.color
toolbar.label.colorTo -> bbtime.label.colorTo
toolbar.textColor -> bbtime.textColor
bevelWidth -> bbtime.bevelWidth
WARNING: if .bbtoolsrc is defined it won't copy the blackbox style.

For the meaning of the different resources see the comments in the config-files.


This manual page was written by Chris Tillman <[email protected]> for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).