Bio::DB::CUTG(3) for access to the Codon usage Database


use Bio::CodonUsage::Table;
use Bio::DB::CUTG;
my $db = Bio::DB::CUTG->new(-sp =>'Pan troglodytes');
my $CUT = $db->get_request();


This class retrieves and objectifies codon usage tables either from the CUTG web database . The idea is that you can initially retrieve a CUT from the web database, and write it to file in a way that can be read in later, using the Bio::CodonUsage::IO module.

For a web query, two parameters need to be specified: species(sp) and genetic code id (gc). The database is searched using regular expressions, therefore the full latin name must be given to specify the organism. If the species name is ambiguous the first CUT in the list is retrieved. Defaults are Homo sapiens and 1(standard genetic code). If you are retrieving CUTs from organisms using other genetic codes this needs to be put in as a parameter. Parameters can be entered in the constructor or in the get_web_request ()method. Allowable parameters are listed in the $QUERY_KEYS hash reference variable.

I intend at a later date to allow retrieval of multiple codon tables e.g., from a wildcard search.

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The rest of the documentation details each of the object methods. Internal methods are usually preceded with a _


 Title   : new
 Usage   : my $db = Bio::DB::CUTG->new()
 Returns : a reference to a new Bio::DB::CUTG
 Args    : hash of optional values for db query


 Title   : query_keys
 Usage   : $db->query_keys()
 Purpose : To determine valid keys for parameters for db query.
 Returns : a reference to a hash describing valid query keys
 Args    : none


 Title  : sp
 Usage  : my $sp = $db->sp();
 Purpose: Get/set method for species name
 Returns: void or species name string
 Args   : None or species name string


 Title  : gc
 Usage  : my $gc = $db->gc();
 Purpose: Get/set method for genetic code id
 Returns: void or genetic code  integer
 Args   : None or genetic code integer


 Title  : get_request
 Usage  : my $cut = $db->get_request();
 Purpose: To query remote CUT with a species name
 Returns: a new codon usage table object
 Args   : species  name(mandatory), genetic code id(optional)