Bio::Graphics::Glyph::ragged_ends(3) The ragged ends glyph


See L<Bio::Graphics::Panel> and L<Bio::Graphics::Glyph>.


This is identical to the ``box'' glyph except that it will draw the subparts of features that contain subfeatures. The subparts are not connected --- use the ``segments'' glyph for that. ``Generic'' is the default glyph used when not otherwise specified.


This glyph provides two extra options to control whether the right and/or left ends of the drawn box are to be drawn ``raggedly'' with zigzags instead of vertical lines.

  Option        Values    Default
  -raggedleft    0 | 1       1
  -raggedright   0 | 1       1
  -zig           > 3         4
  -zag           > 3         4

The following options are standard among all Glyphs. See Bio::Graphics::Glyph for a full explanation.

  Option      Description                      Default
  ------      -----------                      -------
  -fgcolor      Foreground color               black
  -outlinecolor Synonym for -fgcolor
  -bgcolor      Background color               turquoise
  -fillcolor    Synonym for -bgcolor
  -linewidth    Line width                     1
  -height       Height of glyph                10
  -font         Glyph font                     gdSmallFont
  -connector    Connector type                 0 (false)
                Connector color                black
  -pad_top      Top padding                    0
  -pad_bottom   Bottom padding                 0
  -label        Whether to draw a label        0 (false)
  -description  Whether to draw a description  0 (false)
  -strand_arrow Whether to indicate            0 (false)
  -hilite       Highlight color                undef (no color)

-pad_top and -pad_bottom allow you to insert some blank space between the glyph's boundary and its contents. This is useful if you are changing the glyph's height dynamically based on its feature's score.


Please report them.


Aaron J Mackey <[email protected]>.

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