Bivar_params(3) This document briefly describes all Bivar parameters.


Bivar currently supports two parameters. The current values may be retrieved using one of the routines IDGETI or IDGETR. Parameter values may be reset using the routine IDSETI or IDSETR.

The Bivar parameter descriptions appear below in alphabetical order. Each description begins with a line giving the parameter name and the intrinsic FORTRAN type of the parameter.

'ITY' - Integer
Interpolation Type. The default value, 0, says that quintic interpolation should be done. The value 1 says to use linear interpolation.
'TTY' - Integer
Triangulation Type. The default value, 0, says to use a triangulation due to C. L. Lawson that maximizes the minimum angle occurring in the triangles. The value 1 says to use the Delaunay triangulation, which ensures triangles whose circumscribed circles have no data points in their interiors.


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